Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fifty and More than Fine

Today is my sister's 50th Birthday. I don't think she would mind my telling you that, she's been hash tagging about it for a while now.

It is a tradition in our family to write a song or poem for special occasions and since, unfortunately, I won't be there to help her celebrate in person, I herewith submit my song/poem in honor of her special day.
Sgt. Peppers

It was 50 years ago today, Kim was born in a natural way
She never goes out of style
and she's guaranteed to walk a mile
so may I introduce to you
the one and only oldest who....
Our fifty year old sister Kimberly Anne....

[instrumental interlude]

Our oldest sister the awesome Kimberly Anne
We hope you will enjoy the snow
Born in Kentucky's own heartland
On her birthday we want you to know...

Stuart, Seth and Jeremy, Andrew Frankenthal
Long Knife, Dunvegan, Louisville and All
You're wonderful, we love you
it's certainly a thrill
you're house is always home to us
we wish you happy birthday
and many more to come!

I don't really want to stop this song
but we thought you might  like to know
that your aunts are gonna sing a song
and we thought you might sing along

so let me introduce to you
the one and only Kimberly Anne
Happy 50th birthday Kimberly Anne

[instrumental interlude]

My duty's done my song is almost through
I'm sorry I can't be with you

We're singing all your praises
eating all your food
rooting for the Packers
wanting all your shoes
Best daughter, mother, sister, wife in the laaaaaaaand

Happy Birthday once again
Kim Gordon's one and only WGN radio band
we're getting very near the end

You're 50 and you're fabulous
You're feeling more than fine
Our super one and only
Kimbeeeerly Annnnnnnnnne!