Thursday, August 27, 2009

New York City - Day 1

After the farewells, we went home for the last time, sleeping on air mattresses and my old king size bed.  Woke up and were in the cab at 4:30 am to head off towards NYC and then, Israel.

Flight on Jet Blue was great.  Roomy seats, tv on personal screens, etc.  So of course, no kid slept and we arrived in NYC with our luggage of 5 duffle bags and 5 boxes.  We then used 3 airport carts to haul that shit and had to schlep to another terminal to catch the airport shuttle, with all of that luggage, which wasn't so secure and take it on the airport train.  The only plus was that we could take the luggage carts onto the train.  People were staring at us thinking WTF are these people doing?

Got to the shuttle and turns out everyone in NYC is nice now.  The shuttle driver was incredibly kind (of course, we tipped him but this was only the beginning of the money faucet drip) and we finally got to our hotel which would have been really fancy if it were 1985.  But it was clean and fine and we dropped our luggage in our room, purchased metropasses and we're off.  '

Train into NYC, took the LIRR from Jamaica Station, didn't buy tickets though because we thought the metropass would cover it so when the conductor comes by, she told us the price.  Well, and this is where why is everyone so nice in New York comes in also, turns out the price was over $20 for all of us but we only had $7 so that is what she charged us. I mean where is the old New York that would have thrown us all off at the next station?  It takes some getting used to.  Got off at Penn station and walked to times square, showed the kids around and began to hunt for lunch at this kosher place which we eventually found but was closed.  Kids were pissed and whining ensued. Found another place and ate there. Then we were off to Toys r Us and the ferris wheel.  I was hoping the kids would get the my little pony car because I knew how much Avi would have enjoyed that.  but alas, they got Bob the Builder or something more benign.

We met up with JAR and Guy at the M&M store, and then JAR took us up to the Plaza hotel (which resonated because of Eloise) and then we went to find the Balto statue in Central Park.  After that, the girls played in the park nearby where there were heavy duty Jews there who were speaking in Yiddish and had a ton of kids (running around of course) and were basically wearing winter clothes in 90 degree heat.  I mean for god sake's I really thought I was melting.

We were then headed off to dinner in a little bit but in the mean while, everyone was so tired that they fell asleep for 45 mins on benches in Central Park.  i had to hold Yael up so when everyone woke up, my arm was killing me from keeping her from banging her head on the concrete behind her.

Before dinner, we saw some dudes dancing by the plaza, then we caught the bus to dinner which we ate with friends from Chicago and other various parts.

Home on the train (bought tickets this time) and then arrived at the station which is in not such a great neighborhood only to try and wait for the bus for 45 mins.  The constant presence of gypsy cabs ultimately tipped the balance and after Alex and I were done hissing at each other, we all climbed in and took a ride to the hotel and fell blissfully asleep.

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