Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fury: The Update

Hello again.  Since I wrote this blog post, two things of note have happened. One doesn't really matter and the other does. The first one is that I thought Brad Pitt retweeted my post. But it wasn't really him. The second is that my Mimi fainted and fell or fell and fainted.  Luckily, she didn't break anything which is not a good thing to do at her age.  They thought perhaps she had had a stroke (she didn't) but turns out  she has just lost her ability to balance well. She is coming out of the hospital tomorrow and will go to rehab for a week and then back to her place. She will have to use a walker now, not just the cane.  She may want to cut down on her glass(es) of wine but maybe not.
Thursday is her 88th birthday, so Happy Birthday Mimi, we love you very much!

If you read her comment on facebook then you know she had some things to tell me. Here is what they are:

1. Grandaddy's boxing name was Jerry Miller
2. They were married for 44 years (I suck at math)
3.  She wanted me to share this with you as well:

My Great Great Grandmother was paralyzed when she fell out of the window trying to clean her house for Shabbat because her in laws were coming over (insert snarky comment here about they not liking her and nothing was ever good enough.)  She was also pregnant at the time. My grandfather was born prematurely weighing something like 3 pounds and was a fighter even then. He was even in the paper labeled "miracle baby".

As I said in my original post, she died after his bar mitzvah. Apparently, she was already very ill but kept saying that she would stay alive until his bar mitzvah. His bar mitzvah was December and she died in January.

So, the real Brad Pitt, if you happen to read this, you can also wish Mimi a happy birthday!

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